Case Studies

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Website Traffic

Client: Supplement Company

Audience: Anyone who searches Health & Wellness

Objective: Shift sales from 3rd party clicks to direct website clicks and convert increase online sales

Cost per Acquisition: $0.48

Cost of Ad: $20.00 per day

Reach: 12,862

Link Clicks: 659

Converted Sales: $1,982.52

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Brand awareness

Client: Fitness club

Audience: Decision makers in homes aged 35-45 years old

Objective: Increase brand awareness and increase likes

Solution: Launched a multi channel campaign to drive consistent awareness throughout this ad

New Likes: 2,691

Ad Cost: $117.27 per month

Cost per Acquisition: $0.26

Impressions: 25,480

Reached Audience: 92% 35-45 Females & Makes

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Increased Sales

Client: Publisher, Training School

Audience: Cities the Training school is held

Objective: To increase Training school registration

Solution: Acquiring new Training school participants through targeted promotions while using behavioral and demographic indicators

Reach: 23,042

Engagement: 3,189

Cost per Engagement: $0.01

Cost of Ad: $20.00

Length of Ad: 4 Days

New Registration: 10 new Training school registrations